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OBS Private Facebook Group Support

The quickest way to get support from OBS is in our friendly, private, Facebook group, which is moderated by our team. This is a group for anyone in Oxfordshire who is pregnant, breastfeeding/providing their milk for a baby, to any extent, or aiming to do so. We can also help you work through your experience after breastfeeding/lactation has ended. Please note that we do not have capacity to support families from outside Oxfordshire unless their babies were born here or they get their primary care from Oxford Health.

We strive to keep our group friendly and respectful. Every baby is different and there is no single "correct" way to be a parent. We all need to be heard and thrive on encouragement. Please keep this in mind in your posts. The focus is on supporting each other to feed our babies in accordance with our own feeding goals. We hope that group members will be generous with their support. Information and views expressed by group members are not necessarily endorsed by OBS.

OBS Facebook Group - search for previous posts

Every question posted on the group is answered by a member of the OBS team (facilitator or accredited OBS volunteer). Other group members may also have ideas that might be helpful, and you will hear about their experiences, which may be similar to yours. Please read the group guidelines and read some recent discussion threads before posting. We have collected information about the issues we are asked most about as group "topics", which you can search for and read through. Did you also know you can post anonymously?

Image: screengrab of the OBS Facebook group show highlighting the topic and post anonymously features. Text: Did you know that on our Facebook group you can... Search for threads on common topics? Post anonymously?

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Last updated April 2024

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