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Image: a mother sleeping on a bed next to her newborn in side sleeper cot. Text: See our leaflet on normal newborn sleep

OBS leaflet on Normal newborn sleep (one page summary)

OBS leaflet on Normal newborn sleep (full version)

Other resources

Baby Sleep Info Source (BASIS) from Durham University Parent-Infant Sleep Lab. Information about normal infant sleep based upon the latest UK and world-wide research, including downloadable information sheets in several languages.

Caring for your Baby at Night, a guide for parents (UNICEF UK)

La Leche League GB Sleep and the breastfed baby

Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family Diane Weissinger, Diana West, Linda J. Smith & Teresa Pitman 2014, published by Pinter & Martin. Also available in Kindle.

NHS Helping your baby to sleep

Kellymom Sleeping through the night 

Parenting Science Newborn sleep patterns

Last updated May 2021

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